Clolour dreams?

well, a stupid topic, i can see. but just thought of it.

some people claim to have seen clolour dreams. and some say they never do. i am not sure of my dreams, but i think they are black and white.

what kind of dreams do you see?

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Useless things

why do humans tend to do useless things so much. things which are completely useless.

inside a lift. the lift is going too slow for your liking. then you just keep pressing the close button, or the your floor button repeatedly, as if it will make it go faster.

in a ferry, just entering the male' harbor, and a launch dashes out creating a big wave, which rocks the ferry. and all the people stare at the launch, as if that will undo the effect, or the launch people will see it.

you are near a table, you get impatient for something. and you keep hitting the table with all your might, as if that will make everything just the way you want.

you are sitting in front of your pc, and it is stuck. and you just keep hitting the keys, or keep moving the mouse, as if it will unstuck the pc.

some one senior to you said something you didnt like, and turns around to walk away. and you bring out your tongue and make faces, as if you have had your revenge, and the senior would get hurt or something like that.

i cant remember much right now. but im sure there are a lot more of these sort of thing humans tend to do often. useless things.


why are they all so bossy, and go by the book. havent they been studying like us, in their pasts.

seriously. some are so irritating. and i would like to say some are cool too. but right now i would like to talk about those irritating teachers.

i do feel like giving them a piece of my mind. if they are not in a good mood, then they give continuous sums for us to do without a break. and each period is whole 55 minutes. almost an hour. have they no mercy? and some just make us stay in the class room / laboratory even if we dont have anything to do, just because they can. arrrgh.

and when we tell that they have been like us some time back, they just give us a deaf ear. some tell that they also went through the tough days like us, and that they withstood it all. but isnt every day that we dont feel like staying in the class rooms. so why cant they understand?

cant they just give us the freedom of going to the classes or not, without making us bring an untruthful letter to them the next day we come. why should they force us to study. those who want can come right?

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My brother

there he is. yeah, thats my new brother. the third brother i got. i dont have any sisters. the one i was about to get died a couple of hours before birth. i still feel sad about
my sister.

but i am not unhappy about getting this brother. no, im not. my parents arent sad. to me they are very happy, so why should i be?

ps: this blog is subject to changes in the near future.

Cuppy Cake...

This is a song which is rather nice for me...I like it very much. It is also the song which is played most in our office now, and all of them just love this song [specially sHweeeeeT]. It has been some time since this song has been playing in our office, yet no one is bored of it, they just keep repeating on and on.

"You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing
sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear

Kindah babish, but thats can download an mp3 format of this song, or see the original video in youtube. Have fun...


Fear in one's self can be the cause of most of the pain in one's life. It is the fear in you that doesn't allow you to have a happy life. Have no, or less fear, and you will be surprised at the results. Look at life brightly, and life will look at you brightly

It was last year when I had to test for Thalassaemia, due to some difficulties I was facing. Waiting outside I was a little nervous. As long as I remember, I feared the NEEDLE. Even seeing it makes me kind of sick. Anyway I was not a kid then. I kept thinking, if I keep thinking it will be pain full, it will be, and if I think otherwise, there will be no pain.

When I entered there were 2 nurses and a boy younger than me. It was him who took blood from me. I showed no expression on my face, and kept thinking that there will be no pain. Sure enough, as I watched the needle go through my skin, I didn't feel any pain. Honestly I was surprised.

Due to some other things, I had to take blood from me for about 4 times that week. Twice from IGMH after taking blood from Thalassaemia Center. Later that week, I was told to redo the Thalassaemia test, from Thalassaemia Center. It seems that they didn't get any results. Well, I thought....'all these times there was no pain, wonder what will happen if I keep thinking there will be pain....'. So that was exactly what I did.

To my horror and surprise, It was painful. My eyes were tear strained. But it was the same boy who took blood from me the first time too. And after reaching home also, the pain didn't go. Dear me...after taking blood 3 times that week, and to get pain this last time.

So I believe there is something in what you believe. It sure is astounding for me. well...if you are interested in my Thalassaemia results, there aren't any. Strange huh? Yeah, for me too! They asked to do some DNA tests, well thats too much, so we let it be...


There are a lot of people doing hard work all around the world. Some do it just for fun, but most others do it to earn a living. There are also people doing hard work because they are supposed to do it. Or becuase there is no alternative.

What ever the situation, every one will be longing for a word of appreciation. It is better than giving a pay. It works best when some one gets a word of appreciation, when he/she is least expecting it. Numerous number of emotional feeling go throuh your mind. Your heart softens, even if you are at the middle of a furious argument. You will find a special place in your heart for him/her.

Thinking of how nice it feels to be appreciated, I would also like to shed a light on how it would feel like to be not appreciated. Maybe you might not be expecting a word of apprication after finishing a hard work. But if you were, then there will be hatred within you. You will not be willing to work for him/her. Every time you see him/her, you will want to go away.

So please make sure that if any one works for you, or if some one helps you, be sure to appreciate their work. That will make you and them happy. There will be friendliness between all.

The picture above is a rose I gave to my mother, a simple thing that I hope will make her smile, and understand that I appreciate her work, and everything. That is a rose I got from a dinner at Paradise. I came home late that night, so I kept the flower on her purse and slept. When I woke up that was what she had done with the rose :)


It cannot b ne closer than it is the closest thing to u.

I dont hav much to say abt death. Just keep remembering abt it and do ur deeds accordingly...

Every one will face it, no one escapes it. It is a pain, which v must pray to b lessened. [hudhu fothi gandakah mohoru jahafa fothigandu dhamaigathyma vaa goiy furaana ah vaane, alhu gandah engifa vaa gothun].

Loosing a loved one doesnt mean u have to scream and shout, as he/she can c everything u r doing. After death, ur soul will know whether ur report card is nice or not. If a solih human died, kashu kama kemyga ulhey meehunnah varah hiy hama jehumuge ihsaas thah kurevey kamuga vey, as the soul will b impatient with burial. But if the souls has a bad report comming, it will b angry at how fast the people are burying him/her. Sum times it is said that the people working had faced frightening expreiences too. But it is not good to say "when v were burying **** v faced this and that". Coz that means the humans pride will be lost in the living world.

Death can meet ne one at ne time. Just be ready for it.....there was a touching story in sum dharuma. I hope to publish it soon. Ne way dont forget death ingey, dont fear it. Which means be in a ready state, what eva time, where eva :)

I am sorry...

All humans make mistakes. To own up to them means that u have made up ur mind not to do the same mistake again. But denying means that u plan to do it again.

It is not v easy to say sorry after u do sumthing real bad. But the small word sure brings a lot of changes. Ur heart gets soft and u will eventually neglect the incident too. Just dont hesitate to say sorry, what eva the situation.

It is a small word which brings numerous changes.


Every one will have a past, that is a fact which no human can change.

But there is a fact that some humans are haunted with their pasts. They are bothered in the worst of the times with their pasts, so that their fun is lost. Making all the other friends sad, not allowing them to have real fun, while u r in a depressed mode. Most of the time...we just feel sympathatic abt them, and cant help, as they just say..."nothing's wrong". Rare times we just feel irritated.

It turns out to a nice ending, if u r told whats wrong with them. Perhaps u cant help them. But actually listening to them is a big help...i think. He/she will also feel quite at ease. Maybe lean on ur shoulder, or show his/her emotions in another way. That is if u r told abt the past, which was bothering him/her. Then u will also feel at ease. Maybe u will also think of a lil abt ur own past, and perhaps share it with him/her.

Every one will have a past, and there is no specific time for u to think of it, to be remembered abt it....[thats what i think] Let it be a party, a dinner in a resort, an office trip or any thing. There is nothing wrong abt it, but i think it is wise to share it with sumone whom u trust. Just dont keep it in only ur head.

Well, there are sweet memories of the past too, hehe. But i dont think ne one is facing troubles with them...right? :p

Time to go...hope to meet u soon. Just dont bother abt ur sad pasts on ur own, share it and bear it.

PS: This is written with inspirations from a girl who faced a similar problem. I would like to thank her for sharing her feelings with me. Thanks......^_^